Full programme of Budapest Folk Fest

Full programme of Budapest Folk Fest

 Full programme of the Budapest Folk Fest >>


05.22. (Wednesday) Dance Teaching and Festival Opening Concert

Venue: Fonó Music Hall

18:30 Dance Teaching and Festival Opening Concert – Guest: Bazseva Band feat. Dalinda >>

Ticket price: 1000 HUF

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05.23. (Thursday)

Venue: Fonó Music Hall
20.00 III. Meybahar evening – “Ek vatheon”(GR) K.Tapakis, N.Paraoulakis, L.Metaxas, Meybahar >>

Venue: Hungarian Heritage House (Hagyományok Háza)

Voices of Minorities

19.00: EtnoRom >>
20.30: Goran Bojcevski Quartet (SLO) >>, Refugees For Refugees (BE) >>

Venue: Kobuci kert
19.00 Concert and Dance House: Erdőfű Kamarazenekar >>, Pásztor Hóra >>


05.24. (Friday)

Venue: Fonó Music House
19.00 Vaszi Levente and Vrencsán Anita (singers from Transylvania’s Gyimes Valley) – record release concert, Berka Dance House >>

Venue: Hungarian Heritage House (Hagyományok Háza)

19.00: Melinda Balogh Album Release >>

20.30: Voice of Minorities
           Klarisa Jovanovic & Della Segodba (SLO) >>, SuRealistas (IT) >>

Venue: Kobuci kert
19.00 Meszecsinka >>, Tribali (M) >>, SelectorKA


05.25. (Saturday)

 Venue: Fonó Music House
20.00 Turkish evening >> Canlar >> feat. Erdal Salikoglu (TR)  >> and Guessous Majda Mária >> ; Vardan Hovanissian & Emre Gültekin >>

Venue: Hungarian Heritage House (Hagyományok Háza)

16.00 Dances in May - Gala of the Elemér Muharay Folk Art Association >>
17.30 Traditional ball and dance house >> Ticket price: Dance teaching and dance house 1000 HUF, after 9:00 PM (Dance house) 500 HUF


Venue: Kobuci kert
19.00 Juan De Lerida (FR) and His Guests >>Marko Markovic Brass Band (SRB) >>,  folkkocsma: Babra >>

Venue: TRIP Hajó
11.00 Folk Music Concert Day on the Danube (Showcase organised by Hungarian Heritage House)>>




Folk delicacies
2019. May, 22-25.
Locations: Fonó Music Hall, Hungarian Heritage House, Kobuci Kert

This spring Fonó organizes Budapest Folk Fest for the 10th time – but now in cooperation with the Hungarian Heritage House. The festival has changed a lot over the years, just as the city folk and world around us changes constantly. Budapest Folk Fest continues to be the meeting place for productions that acknowledge the ancient power of folk music, when necessary put it into the 21st century, or relay its timelessness and beauty without altering it. This is what our festival celebrates – proving over and over again that Budapest is the folk capital! Immerse yourselves in several dozen great performances in three venues - take part, enjoy, live the tradition that unites, upholds and carries us onward!



Photos from the last year


Fonó Budai Zeneház

Hagyományok Háza

Kobuci kert