Dance Teaching and Festival Opening Concert

Dance Teaching and Festival Opening Concert

22 May 18:30, Fonó Music House

Ticket price: 1000 HUF

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6:30 PM Dance teaching
9 PM Concert
10 PM Dance House

Dance teaching - material: Dances of Szilágyság

One of the best dance houses in Budapest - come and learn the dances of Szilágyság!

Szilágyság is located in the region known as Partium which lies between Transylvania’s Kalotaszeg and the Upper Tisza regions. Based on the character of the local dances Szilágyság can be divided into two parts. Tövishát where turning in the couple dances is referred to [in Hungarian dance terminology] as “up accented” or “outside footed”; while in the Berettyó River and Kraszna areas, turning in the couple dances is ”down accented” or “inside footed”.
The traditional instrumental music of Szilágyság belongs to the Transylvanian dialect, with transitional characteristics from the Szatmár, Bihár and Plains regions.

On Wednesday dance evenings we welcome both beginning and advanced dancers - come with or without a partner.
After 8:30 PM dance house bands play live music for dancing.

6:30 PM dance instruction: beginning/ advanced groups led by: Sikentáncz Szilveszter
Material: Dances of Szilágyság (Northwestern Romania)

8:15 PM Singing

8:30 PM Dance house

Music: Dűvő Band

Leading the dance house: Csatai László "Csidu"



Bazseva Band feat. Dalinda

A concert where authentic Hungarian instrumental music and an acapella trio inspired by traditional folk song come together. Bazseva Band’s musicians play authentic style instrumental Hungarian folk music. Their stage appearance and performance style is elegant and fluff–free. Together with Dalinda acappella trio they’ll take the audience on an exciting musical journey.

"Dalinda gives Hungarian folk singing an optimistic future. Starting from a secure basis, they experiment with moderation. They don’t just sing to a specific audience, and don’t want to simply use the folk material, they have thought it through and may even be capable of making a wider circle of people love Hungarian folk song.”


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