Berka Band

Berka - Magyarhang Dance House (joint program of the Vaszi Levente and Vrencsán Anita (singers from Transylvania’s Gyimes Valley) – record release concert)

24 May, 19:00, Fonó Music House

Ticket price: in advance 1500 HUF, on the day of the concert: 2000 HUF

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The music of the csángó people from Moldavia enjoys particular popularity among folk music fans in Hungary. The music and dances of this Hungarian speaking ethnic minority living in the territory of Romania significantly differs from the folklore known in the Carpathian Basin, sometimes evoking the atmosphere of medieval times. Its carachteristic instruments are the flute, kaval, the koboz and the drum, on which the band plays Hungarian, Rumanian and Balkan tunes, as well.

Formed in 2008, Berka band is one of the youngest and most energetic formations of the folk music of the csángós living in Gyimes and Moldva regions in Romania. The wide use of solo instruments (2 flutes and a violin) gives not only power to the music, but also results in the rich and colourful sound of the band. On their concerts they play the „classic” Moldavian tunes as well as forgotten or never heard songs from small, remote villages. They have held a very popular táncház club in Fonó Budapest for 9 years now. The band celebrated its 10th anniversary in August 2018. The event was a really multi-generation táncház in Kobuci Budapest, with more than 1600 feet dancing to this hilarious music.

Members of the band:

Dorottya Tóth – vocals, zither, hurdy-gurdy
György Barna – violin
David Botlik – koboz
Szabolcs Endrődi – flute, kaval, bagpipe
Janos Szalai-Gindl – flute, kaval, tilinko
Marton Walch – drum, struck-cello, jew’s harp



Fonó Budai Zeneház

Hagyományok Háza

Kobuci kert