23 May 19:00, Kobuci kert

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“Colorful Carpathian Basin” is Erdőfű Folk Chamber Orchestra’s special concert program. Erdőfű is a group of Hungarian dance house musicians dedicated to authentic performance of the local traditional music - both when playing for dance houses and in concert. Their goal is to bring an overview of traditional music from all over the Hungarian language area including the music of the other ethnic groups living in the region, while preserving the special character of each village or region. Their concert gives the audience a picture of the variety of folk music, typical instrumentations and playing styles across the entire region.

Kiss-B. Ádám – hegedű, ének/violin, voice
Kalász Máté – hegedű/violin
Halmos Attila – hegedű, ének/violin, voice
Maruzsenszki Andor – hegedű, ének/violin, voice
Kerékgyártó Gergely – brácsa, kontra, bőgő, ének/violas, double bass, voice
Kaszap Attila – brácsa, kontra/violas
Éri Márton – brácsa, kontra, ének/violas, voice
Király Tamás – nagybőgő, cselló, ütőgardon/double bass, cello, hit cello
Éri Katalin – nagybőgő, cselló, ütőgardon/double bass, cello, hit cello
Bede Péter – tárogató, klarinét, furulya, szaxofon/tarogato, clarinet, shepherd’s flute, saxophone
Salamon Soma – furulya, harmonika, ütőgardon/shepherd’s flute, accordion, hit cello
Zimber Ferenc – cimbalom


Fonó Budai Zeneház

Hagyományok Háza

Kobuci kert