Juan de Lerida (FR) and His Guests

25 May 19:00, Kobuci kert

Ticket price: in advance 2000 HUF, on the day of the concert 2500 HUF

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An insatiable musician, Juan de Lerida, with the deepest possible empathy for his listeners, produces compositions which are as technically advanced as they are accessible. Maintaining this perilous balance between improvisation and subtly transcribed structure gives the music of  Juan de Lerida its own special character, which is at its most expressive in both the wildest and the calmest passages.

The family of French-born guitarist Juan De Lerida abandoned their home in Lerida (Catalonia, Spain) during the Franco regime. This feeling of rootlessness and exile perpetual is deeply inscribed in the soul of Juan De Lerida

Juan never really learned Flamenco music, yet played it from a very young age. Little Juan got his first guitar at the age of 4, then a fully-fledged adult instrument when he was seven. He taught himself to play by hiding under the table at family gatherings to observe the musicians really closely, as well as trying to copy what he had heard on flamenco records. His exceptional talent meant he could play whatever took his fancy just by ear, which also explains the atypical freshness of his music. 

Like certain other gypsy musicians, Juan is not in search of public recognition, he wants it from his own community and especially that of its musicians. It took until 2008 before he would agree to record his first album Quimeras. With a solid reputation already established outside the small perimeter of his community for several years now, he was easily persuaded to play in concert halls in France and abroad, where numerous fans spotted him - the word soon spread!

Juan De Lerida - guitars
Viviane B.Szabó - vocals
Nagy János - piano
Mazura János - tuba
Badics Márk - drums


Fonó Budai Zeneház

Hagyományok Háza

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