Marko Markovic Brass Band (SRB)

25 May 19:00, Kobuci kert

Ticket price: in advance 2000 HUF, a koncert napján 2500 HUF

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Marko Markovic inherited his love for music from his father, the legendary trumpet king Boban Markovic who has played the trumpet for more than 30 years. In line with the family tradition, Marko started playing the trumpet already before turning five and has been passionately concentrating on the instrument ever since. Marko and Boban have been playing together in an orchestra for years. Marko Markovic has collaborated with
many famous musicians such as Emir Kusturica, Goran Bregovic, DJ Shantel, Ivo Papazov, Esma Redzepova, etc.

He started his own wind instrument orchestra in 2006 and now he is bringing his hot pipes and energetic gypsy music to the world. The Balkans are living and breathing wind instrument music – no wedding or other celebration goes by without a wind instrument orchestra. It is more than music, it is part of their identity, a matter of honour, their essence – it is a living and breathing part of culture. Gypsy music with its exceptionally fast tempo and unbelievably gripping energy has become one of the trademarks of the area. The mix of immense energy and longing melancholy does not leave anyone cold.


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