III. Meybahar Evening – TRIO “EK Vatheon” - Kyriakos Tapakis, Nikos Paraoulakis, Lukas Metaxas, Meybahar

23 May 20:00, Fonó Music House

Tickets: in advance 2000 HUF, on the day of the concert 2500 HUF

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The music of Meybahar explores and resonates in hidden places of our soul, through a music fusion that delves deep into the music cultures of the Aegean Sea and Middle East.

Meybahar was born of a duo with Marilia Pilti (GR) on santouri (a cousin of the Hungarian cymbalom) and violinist Márton Kopcsik (HU) who plays his own custom-made instrument: a 5 string viola with sympathetic strings. When her santouri and his violin meet on stage it forms a magic atmosphere that drives you to undiscovered lands. The pulsation of the music is supported by David Krolikowski (HU) on percussion, Merse Varga (HU) on doholla and frame drums; and Péter Takács (HU) on tabla. A unique fusion of drum expression occurs with Middle Eastern fingering technique and traditional Indian rhythm.

They organize regular music events at Fonó Music Hall called “Meybahar Evenings” where they collaborate and perform with world re-known musicians.


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