23 May 19:00, Kobuci kert

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PásztorHóra was formed in the summer of 2014 expressly for playing lively music to get everyone dancing. In their dance houses the momentum will pick you up and take you right along with it! They play tirelessly until the magical power of the wild, passionate dancing takes over the crowd. PásztorHóra brings you dynamic, youthful, energetic, whirling, cathartic Csángó folk dance music!

Members of the band:

Bergics András - hegedű, duda/violin, bagpipe
Újházi Ádám – hegedű/violin
Szlama László – koboz/coboz
Egervári Mátyás - cimbalom, duda/cymbalom, bagpipe 
Okos Gergely – dob/drum


Fonó Budai Zeneház

Hagyományok Háza

Kobuci kert